A Brief Tutorial on Google Finance Portfolios

  Google provides a plethora of free and powerful tools, however, they do not highly publicize or tout their free tools very often. One such free tool I have found extremely useful is the Portfolio section in Google finance. It allows a user to: Create multiple portfolios Track multiple lists of stocks Track custom stock data to track personal stocks Track custom stock data to track hypothetical stock transactions – for those wanting... Read More

Pay a little to save thousands on your mortgage

Owning a home is generally seen as an investment. When it comes to home mortgages, it is a well known fact that over the typical 30 year mortgage the average person will end up paying more than twice the amount of the original loan. This is because of the interest payments. For example, and this is a rough estimate, with a: $200,000 mortgage 30-year loan 7% interest rate By the time the loan was paid off in year 30 the total amount that would have... Read More

What is all this economic gibberish about?

I know, I said I wasn’t going to ¬†focus on academic concepts. But after seeing how some at work don’t fully understand some of the underlying economic concepts, I’ll talk about them and try to keep it as simple and basic as possible. It stemmed from this sort of dual-complaint after sharing this article with some colleagues: the government is creating/spending too much money interest rates need to stay low So I will introduce... Read More

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