6 ways to improve gas mileage

Prices at the gas pump are increasing and now 4 in 10 Americans are finding prices painful. So how can we save money on gas? I’m not going to say to buy a new car. Many are not in a position to buy a new car, and while buying a new car may save money on gas, you may actually end up spending more overall on the actual car itself. So what are other ways to save money on gas? Carpool – This is one of the more obvious solutions, but so many... Read More

Fuel efficient cars won’t always save you money

Podcast: Play in new window | Download While cars are some of the worst investments that can be made, the necessity to travel long distances for daily activities pushes need ahead of investment. That doesn’t stop many from viewing it as a long term “investment.” Many view the value in a car over many years and compare a combination of cost, maintenance, and fuel efficiency. Fuel prices have surged and there are already some... Read More