• steve_jobs

    Should We Worry About Apple?

    There are relatively few companies in which we associate a single person as the company. Steve Jobs and Apple is one of those companies. The initial announcement of the resignation of Jobs came quietly and calmly. It was not completely unexpected as Jobs has been having health issues that have been public since 2004. Even […]

  • shelves_DIY_scroll

    DIY to Save Yourself Money: Shelves

    I finally reached the point where I just felt that I needed to clear out my garage so that I could fit both of our cars in the garage. Water splashing from our front sprinklers was starting to leave hard water stains on our cars – which is not a good thing. In order to […]

  • Up graph in front of newspaper stock market tables. 3d render.

    What is the perfect stock?

    I was reading through some random financial blogs and I ran across a particular blog that posed the question “Is [insert stock name here] the perfect stock to invest in?” It actually made me sit up a little straighter in my chair because it’s something that I don’t normally even think about. The perfect stock? […]

  • linkedin (1)

    LinkedIn IPO: Three Weeks Later

    Three weeks ago I wrote my predictions on how I thought LinkedIn’s IPO would pan out. I will admit, while the prediction itself was not exactly a bold prediction, we can see the stock starting to perform as expected. While I say it is performing as expected, I will say that it is higher than […]

  • USACE_Fort_Peck_Dam

    Floods + Droughts = Higher Prices

    Floods With the Mississippi River floods, farmlands around those areas have taken quite the beating – some deliberately.  News and media outlets have mainly been focusing on the human element and damages to homes and infrastructure, and rightfully so. Estimates are predicting billions of dollars worth of damages once everything is said and done. There have […]


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A Brief Tutorial on Google Finance Portfolios

  Google provides a plethora of free and powerful tools, however, they do not highly publicize or tout their free tools very often. One such free tool I have found extremely useful is the Portfolio section in Google finance. It allows a user to: Create multiple portfolios Track multiple lists of stocks Track custom stock […]


When culture hurts the economy

The recent devastating earthquakes in Japan have hurt not only their own economy, but have also affect industries around the world. Car manufacturers and especially nuclear energy will be set back for years. With the rebuilding anticipation for Japan comes a quiet movement that can put Japan’s economy at stake for a significant dip. The […]


Ten Important Facts About Capital Gains and Losses

Capital gains are profits from investments into capital assets (see fact #1 about what a capital asset is). These become especially important when a person is involved in investments and is filing taxes. The last thing any of us wants is to get audited. Here are the facts straight from the IRS. 1. Almost everything you […]

opening day

Major League Baseball opening day vs the stock market

Yesterday was Major League Baseball’s (MLB) opening day, so much of the news in the sports world was baseball related. Naturally I decided to Google some opening day trivia facts and ran across this lonely message board post. Hi everybody, I’m new here and have this burning question that I can’t find the answer to […]

mort calc

Pay a little to save thousands on your mortgage

Owning a home is generally seen as an investment. When it comes to home mortgages, it is a well known fact that over the typical 30 year mortgage the average person will end up paying more than twice the amount of the original loan. This is because of the interest payments. For example, and this […]


Interest rates news you shouldn’t ignore

Interesting news came out today about the future of interest rates. Those that are planning on financing large purchases should pay attention. Charles Plosser, the president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, revealed today that the Federal Reserve should increase interest rates from current range of near zero to 2.5% within a year. The Fed would […]


Will this be a missed opportunity for American car companies?

The news coming from Toyota is very grim. Toyota gave word to many of its plants that they should all prepare for potential temporary shut downs. The main reason due to crippled factories in Japan unable to supply vital parts for manufacturing. Honda is faring no better. At a time when gas prices are starting […]