• steve_jobs

    Should We Worry About Apple?

    There are relatively few companies in which we associate a single person as the company. Steve Jobs and Apple is one of those companies. The initial announcement of the resignation of Jobs came quietly and calmly. It was not completely unexpected as Jobs has been having health issues that have been public since 2004. Even […]

  • shelves_DIY_scroll

    DIY to Save Yourself Money: Shelves

    I finally reached the point where I just felt that I needed to clear out my garage so that I could fit both of our cars in the garage. Water splashing from our front sprinklers was starting to leave hard water stains on our cars – which is not a good thing. In order to […]

  • Up graph in front of newspaper stock market tables. 3d render.

    What is the perfect stock?

    I was reading through some random financial blogs and I ran across a particular blog that posed the question “Is [insert stock name here] the perfect stock to invest in?” It actually made me sit up a little straighter in my chair because it’s something that I don’t normally even think about. The perfect stock? […]

  • linkedin (1)

    LinkedIn IPO: Three Weeks Later

    Three weeks ago I wrote my predictions on how I thought LinkedIn’s IPO would pan out. I will admit, while the prediction itself was not exactly a bold prediction, we can see the stock starting to perform as expected. While I say it is performing as expected, I will say that it is higher than […]

  • USACE_Fort_Peck_Dam

    Floods + Droughts = Higher Prices

    Floods With the Mississippi River floods, farmlands around those areas have taken quite the beating – some deliberately.  News and media outlets have mainly been focusing on the human element and damages to homes and infrastructure, and rightfully so. Estimates are predicting billions of dollars worth of damages once everything is said and done. There have […]


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Leasing a New Vehicle

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to leasing vehicles. A lot of money gets tied into our vehicles, so let’s set the record straight when it comes to leasing vehicles. What is vehicle leasing? Vehicle leasing is the leasing (or the use of) a motor vehicle for a fixed period of time. […]


What is Greed?

I was chatting with a friend a few days ago and we were discussing business and investment opportunities. As an off-question my friend asked what I would do if I had Warren Buffett’s money. I half-jokingly said I would build a race track and race around it all day in all sorts of exotic cars. […]


Easter Spending Habits

Easter is tomorrow and what better way for an investor to look at it is there than by looking at consumer spending habits! Here are the juicy statistical projections for Easter 2011 by the National Retail Federation: the average consumer is expected to spend $131.04 on everything from candy to clothes – up from last year’s […]


5 Simple ways to increase the value of your home

With the current state of the real estate market, many are looking for worthwhile ways to increase the value of their home – without breaking the bank. I am one of those people. Here are 5 simple and relatively cheaper DIY tasks that can possibly increase the actual value and perceived value of you home: […]


Setting and Managing Investing Expectations

Here is the cliché response to winning the lottery: I would quit my job, pay off all my debt, spend a little on myself, invest the rest, and retire. So what does it mean to “invest the rest?” When posed with the question I have heard many responses: Put it into savings and live off the […]


Political Talking Point for Taxes: The Laffer Curve

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Taxes and tax rates have very large actual and psychological effects on both the  economy and investments. Not a day goes by without hearing news or issues related to taxes – especially when relating to budgets and deficits. How to get […]

Toyota Prius 2010

Fuel efficient cars won’t always save you money

While cars are some of the worst investments that can be made, the necessity to travel long distances for daily activities pushes need ahead of investment. That doesn’t stop many from viewing it as a long term “investment.” Many view the value in a car over many years and compare a combination of cost, maintenance, […]