Pay a little to save thousands on your mortgage

Owning a home is generally seen as an investment. When it comes to home mortgages, it is a well known fact that over the typical 30 year mortgage the average person will end up paying more than twice the amount of the original loan. This is because of the interest payments. For example, and this is a rough estimate, with a: $200,000 mortgage 30-year loan 7% interest rate By the time the loan was paid off in year 30 the total amount that would have been paid into the loan would... Read More

Interest rates news you shouldn’t ignore

Interesting news came out today about the future of interest rates. Those that are planning on financing large purchases should pay attention. Charles Plosser, the president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, revealed today that the Federal Reserve should increase interest rates from current range of near zero to 2.5% within a year. The Fed would sell $125 billion of assets for each 25 basis point increase in the funds rate. Meaning, at the end the Federal Reserve would... Read More

Will this be a missed opportunity for American car companies?

The news coming from Toyota is very grim. Toyota gave word to many of its plants that they should all prepare for potential temporary shut downs. The main reason due to crippled factories in Japan unable to supply vital parts for manufacturing. Honda is faring no better. At a time when gas prices are starting to skyrocket and Prius sales had a record February, it could end up being a perfect storm for American car manufacturers. While many companies do outsource and get parts... Read More

All the cool kids wonder where their tax money goes, right?

I’m sure all the cool kids take the time to ponder where all of the money they pay in taxes goes. Fear not, the folks at have heeded your calls and provided a wonderfully huge and detailed picture full of statistics and figures. You can even order this as a giant poster, but I’m not that cool… Click to see full size  Read More

Is history doomed to repeat itself?

I was going through my daily news feeds and noticed this article. The title was “Adjustable Rate Mortgages are Back.” I literally had to pause for a few seconds to think about it. Are they really back? Further reading into the article states some interesting statistics: After accounting for nearly 70% of all mortgages issued during the boom, ARMs vanished during the bust, totaling just 3% of the market in 2009. Now they make up 5% of all mortgages issued, and Freddie... Read More

Opportunity in disaster

2011 has already had it’s share of natural disasters. From the hurricane in Australia, the earthquake in New Zealand, and now the recent earthquake in Japan, there has been literally hundreds of billion dollars worth of damages. While many have died and much property destroyed, we cannot forget about one of the most important parts of all – the rebuilding process. The physical rebuilding process will require many materials from around the world. Let’s take a... Read More

Irrational consumer spending

Podcast: Play in new window | Download With the recent disastrous earthquake in Japan and the problems the nuclear facilities are facing there, you’d have to be living under a rock to not notice all the talk of nuclear radiation dangers. Some reports are saying that very low levels of airborne radiation were detected about 200 miles to the north of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Now it appears that it is having an effect on the behavior of people here in the... Read More

March Madness and Productivity

Every March the ultimate college basketball tournament to decide the national champions takes place. March Madness is the phrase used to describe the tournament, and there is good reason. Fans go crazy over the whole event. Brackets, office pools, and game watching during work hours are common events. Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. did some data analyzing and estimated that total online viewership during work hours is likely to reach at least 8.4 million hours during... Read More

Internet Sales Tax: It’s coming and there will be casualties…

One of Amazon’s advantages over competitors was that is was always good at riding the fine lines when it came to paying taxes. Because of that, consumers have been able to reap the benefits of slightly lowed costs for goods. The amount of potential tax revenue not being paid has not been lost on the US government. In Texas, because of the Naishtat Bill and because Amazon has become the target of Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, Amazon announced its plan to leave the state,... Read More

Battle of the bubbles

In case you haven’t been paying attention to Facebook news, Warner Brothers (Time Warner, Symbol: TWX) just  launched a Facebook application that would allow users to rent and watch movies directly on Facebook for $3. The first movie available would be the smash hit The Dark Knight. Almost immediately Netflix stock price dropped 6% and is still dropping as of today. Flash Player 9 or higher is required to view the chartClick here to download Flash Player nowView the... Read More