Research products before investing

I don’t think anyone can refute the fact that consumers are getting smarter and smarter every day. Especially with theĀ proliferationĀ of smart phone and tablet technology, consumers can find reviews, compare prices, scan bar codes, and contact friends all at the store without even asking for assistance. Some could even argue that consumers now know more about a store’s products even better than their own employees.

Because consumers are becoming smarter with their purchases, spending habits are also being changed.

Let’s take the tablet market as an example.

The Apple iPad, like many other Apple products, has been selling like hotcakes, but sales levels are slowly being chipped away by competitors. Do you know why?

Here is a nice infographic that shows that tablet competition is heating up and the threat of product substitution is increasing. Could the upcoming iPad2 have enough features to trump the competition and keep revenues going for Apple? Or will this be the year of Android? Is Blackberry‘s offering even competitive?

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4 Responses to “Research products before investing”
  1. Jessica says:

    That is a nice chart that allows for fairly easy comparison of the different tablets.

    Personally, I love my iPhone so I would probably buy the iPad just for that reason. When I find a brand I really like I tend not to switch to another when the products are similar so I guess I am one of those brand loyal consumers.

  2. Ashley says:

    What a great comparison chart! I am one of those people that I research absolutely everything I consider purchasing to make sure I take into consideration all of the negative and positive reviews. I think we can really all learn from each other if we take the time.


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