I would like to thank the New York Jets

I would like to thank the New York Jets.

It was back in September 2010 when Ines Sainz accused the players in the New York Jets locker room for making lewd comments at her while she was there to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez.

I frequent a few major sports internet forums and she was the talk of the day. Many posters were making comments about her rear end, but what really caught my eye was when the subject of “butt-lifting” pants became part of the discussion. One poster revealed his wife bought pants from a company called Lululemon, which provided the lifting results. At the time I had never heard of that company. Soon after many other posters were proclaiming that they were going to get their significant others to buy those pants or that they knew what their Christmas present was going to be.


Quick research revealed that Lululemon had been over-performing since early 2009 and showed no signs of slowing down. Showed my wife the company and she liked them (she seems to have a sixth sense for these things).

Even if we were not convinced then, once Oprah listed Lululemon pants as one of here favorite things we would have had to act then.

Here is the stock as of today:

lululemon stock

I wouldn’t say it’s too late to invest right now even after the big jump. Lululemon is still expected to perform rather well.

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