My Mission to You and to Myself

Hello, my name is Gian Sorreta. Thank you for reading my blog.

Just like so many others, I am forever trying to find places and ways to invest my money in order to get positive returns in a reasonable amount of time. I have a few simple goals I want to achieve.

  1. I want to be able to financially take care of myself, my family, and my dogs
  2. I want to feel financially secure. Essentially, I want to remove the stress of worrying where my next paycheck will come from or what will happen if I lose my job
  3. I want my financial destiny in my control
  4. I want to retire early

I will be completely honest here.

I do not have any real investing credentials. I am not a financial expert. I am not an accountant. I am not an economist. My bachelor’s degree was in computer science. I am completing my MBA, which does help. I am not a stock broker, nor do I use one. I do not have a real estate license (although I do have a real estate agent).

So with so many other high profile investment advice sites out there, why should you or anyone else believe what I have to say or even take my advice into consideration?

You should consider my advice and thoughts because it comes from a relatively unbiased and logical direction. I do not have any allegiances to any employers, companies, political parties, or firms. I will just look at the straight facts and make logical and common sense decisions based from them. I am not here to solicit anyone for money or make money by leading you astray. I’ll make money my own way using my own personal and local resources.

I am also just like many of you – I do not have millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to just “try” some investments on. I have the same amount of resources and risks as many of you, so my advice and conclusions will reflect that same level of risk and anxieties.

I will also “put my money where my mouth is”. No use in giving advice that I would not follow myself. I try to live my life with this motto:

I will never ask anyone to do something that I would not be willing to do myself.

I am also willing to learn new things. I am sure my mission may change as I grow and learn new things and life changing events happen. Hopefully we can all grow and prosper together.

6 Responses to “My Mission to You and to Myself”
  1. I like the angle you’re working from. Looking forward to reading!

  2. Your goal number 1 is definitely mine too. I want to be able to financially take care of myself, my family and my dogs =) !
    Great blog!

  3. Well put! Look forward to reading your blogs.

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