Investing in your education

Podcast: Play in new window | Download It is generally accepted that education is an investment in human capital. Statistics also show that there is a high correlation between education level and average earnings. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear a commercial on television or the radio proclaiming that a college degree is needed in order to make a decent amount of money and have a successful career. I tend to agree, for the most part. After all, I’m in an MBA program... Read More

The importance of integrity

I was going through some of the feeds I follow on Google Reader, and I came across this article. My first reaction was, “HOLY CRAP!” Did Gil Meche really just give up $12 million that was guaranteed? Why would any sane person do that? Especially athletes, who generally have shorter careers than most due to physical wear and tear. The more I read on though, the more I started to understand. Here is his quote: “When I signed my contract, my main goal was to earn it. … Once... Read More

I would not invest in currency

Podcast: Play in new window | Download A friend of mine decided that he was going to invest in currencies and asked me my opinion. I simply told him that I would not invest in currencies. I would advise most others not to as well. Consider this one of those things that I would not ask anyone else to do that I am not willing to do myself. — There is a lot of talk about the Chinese Yuan eventually becoming the world’s reserve currency. This line of thinking is natural... Read More

The new site is GO!

After the incident with, which admittedly was partly my fault, I began the search for a new host and website. I had already been considering the pros and cons of moving hosts, and the instant-ban was what pushed me over the fence. I hope you can quickly see the differences between my old blog and this one. What a difference some creative freedom adds! Luckily my name is not so common and I was able to grab my name as my address! After putting quite a bit of time... Read More

ME 2.0 Book Review

When I was young and learned what a job was and that people had to apply for them, I was taught that a curriculum vitae, or a resume, was the gold standard for embodying a parson’s life and qualifications. If something was not on a person’s resume, then essentially it never happened. Things have changed dramatically since then. Today, modern technology brings us lightning fast information and powerful and in-depth searches from search engines such as Google. Social media networks... Read More

The Halo Effect Book Review

The Halo Effect: And Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers, a business management book by Phil Rosenzweig, unmasks and explores many of the errors of logic and flawed judgments commonly found in the corporate world. The Halo Effect provides serious and striking arguments to help sharpen understandings of what drives businesses to succeed or fail, all the while doing it in a witty and sometimes humorous manner free of suffocating business jargon. With that, I must... Read More

Some issues with

A few of you may have noticed late last night and early this morning. I certainly did. My blog was suspended. Gone from the internet. Without warning. Immediately after posting my previous blog post, I was met with this lovely site (pun intended). Granted, I know there are only a small number of people that have actually even seen my blog. However, this could have easily happened to anyone else. Had this happened to a more popular blog, it easily could have resulted in readership... Read More

A few little and hidden things to look out for when buying a house

Whether buying a house for personal use or as an investment, there are countless things to look at and consider. However, it is often the “little things” and hidden things that end up costing home buyers and investors a lot of money after a purchase is completed. Here are some of the more creative things missed when purchasing a home: Make sure bathrooms have an electrical outlet. I know this sounds ridiculous, but this can be an issue, especially in older homes that have... Read More

The importance of defining deal breakers with friends and family

Just a short, but important entry for today. It is a strong personal belief of mine that important relationships, business ventures and partnerships, your job, and investments should have a set of defined deal breakers. The reason is so that if something happens in which you have to terminate a relationship, it will be clear and justifiable. So what is a deal breaker? A deal breaker is: Any issue or factor that is significant enough to terminate a negotiation. (source) This... Read More

My top 8 small time predictions for 2011

I know I’m a little late in posting this, but hey, it’s still pretty close to the beginning of the year so I think I’m fine. After all, how could I call myself any sort of small time investor if I didn’t have any predictions and expectations for the upcoming year brewing in my little brain? I’ll check how this adds up at the end of the year. Prediction 1: Real estate prices will continue to drop this year This one is a bit easier to predict. The good ole’ stated income... Read More